Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 21- Tip the Scales Tuesday

It's weigh-in time!  How did you do this week?

A little about my week.  I did not eat any fast food.  I did not drink any diet soda.  I probably ate some HFCS as I'm sure I ate some candy this week.  I did not exercise every day.  A so-so week.  We did have a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables from the farm.  I will be introducing some new Food Rules this week.

So, did you all weigh in today? How did you do?  I am still at xx7- so no loss, but no gain!

Check out my 30-Day Jumpstart challenge and tune in for The Biggest Loser tonight on NBC.  I'm outta here- going for a walk!

1 comment:

  1. Last week was PMS week from hell. Since eating low-carb/real food, I typically do not have pms issues, but this was a bad month.

    Because of this, Sunday I didn't eat any protein, but rather wanted only to eat popcorn and diet coke, which I did. I just felt nauseous. I did pop the corn in coconut oil though. LOL

    I weighed today, and I'm steady at 137, which is where I've leveled off at. I can deal with it. :)