Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 25- Trip to the farm to buy beef & eggs

Yesterday we drove out to the country to a farm that raises free-range Golden Buff chickens and grass-pastured black Angus cows.  We got a dozen eggs for $3 and 5 pounds of ground beef for $3.99/lb. (That was all the beef they had left for now- until they slaughter the next steer.)

My daughter enjoyed the pumpkin display and the farm cat the most!  It was a nice ride and I think we will go back in a few weeks when the trees change.

Saturday Shopping Superstars at Thrifty Mama.


  1. Wow! $3.99/lb ?? that's an amazing price for grass-fed beef...and you know exactly where your eat is coming from!

  2. It seems like we go through a lot of eggs at our house, so farm fresh eggs are a must! It's pretty amazing how many ways you can use eggs!!I've also been doing quite a bit more baking since I've started my 100 day challenge, so I always keep an extra dozen in the fridge.

  3. Since it seems you are semi-local, where did you go to buy the grass fed beef? In talking with a co-worker, she was sharing how much better the beef is and at $3.99/# I am interested in trying it.