Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 9- The End of Diet Coke...

I would like to have a moment of silence please.  Yesterday I opened the last can of Diet Coke in my refrigerator.  I need a little time of mourning.  And I have a headache.

I don't drink coffee, I don't drink tea, I don't drink regular pop (that's soda for the rest of you).  But I love me some Diet Coke in a cold can- or in a glass over ice.  Never in a plastic bottle.  I will miss you, Diet Coke.  I'm not buying any more pop, diet or otherwise, for the rest of the 90 Days of Change.


Ok, so I'm not buying into that "Diet Coke causes MS nonsense" you get in forwarded emails from people (just check Snopes). But apparently Aspartame- the sweetener in diet soda- gets broken down into methanol in your gut which is then converted into formaldehyde.  Like the stuff they preserve dead things in.  That can't be good for you unless you're Joan Rivers.  Plus the phosphate in soda causes phosphate levels to rise in the blood and calcium to decrease- so it's bad for your bones. My habit is only one 12 ounce can a day- so that shouldn't be too hard, right?

So- will you join me and give up regular or diet pop (soda)?

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  1. I have joined you in your moment of silence LOL. When I gave up sugar, the only way I was able to do was to be able to drink Diet Coke. Then January of 2009, I gave up all "sweet" things, even if it was sugar free. I fell off the wagon last summer, but got back on. Occasionally I'll have a Diet Coke (that time of the month and all), but it gives much such a killer headache!

    I know some have luck in replacing soda with water kefir or kombucha. It didn't work for me, but everyone is different. I'd rather just drink coffee or unsweetened iced tea.

  2. I'm trying to drink water, water, water

  3. Jan, good for you! You will feel so much better soon, I promise.
    I've learned that the main reason I wanted the diet coke was because I *thought* it was a nice little treat for myself that also boosted my energy. Now I realize that it didn't make me feel good but I still felt emotionally and physically dependent, which I really didn't like.
    One thing fake sweeteners do is make you crave sweets even more. They're far sweeter than regular sugar so our bodies/tongues get used to that level of sweetness and crave it.
    Finally, diet sodas have actually been shown to be related to weight GAIN in the long term!
    Congratulations on starting the journey. The single biggest thing that has helped me quit pop (which I still have every once in a while, don't get me wrong!) is drinking seltzer water with a little juice added. It's sweet, cool, and bubbly but still good for you.
    Thanks for contributing to Simple Lives Thursday!

  4. I quit all pop about a month ago, prior to that I had given up all diet drinks - but fell madly head over heals in love with Dr. Pepper. It was a quick affair but I knew it couldn't last - I drink lots of water now, tea and often just hot water. You could also squeeze lemon in your water - it is refreshing and isn't just plain old water! I think you should plan on never going back to pop - going off once is hard enough!!

  5. I had a baby a month ago and after having him I have not had a dr. pepper. Before having him I loved dr. pepper and had one if not more everyday. Crazy! I feel much better not drinking one.

  6. I have given up the habit of drinking a diet coke every day. After many attempts to give it up, one day I just did it. Now I have one on occasion, and I do enjoy it, but I don't crave it. Several friends have now done the same. So when I saw your post about giving it up, I felt an instant sisterhood - the no-diet-coke(diet drink)- sisterhood.