Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 35- Tip The Scales Tuesday

I am just back from the gym and it is cold and rainy and gloomy outside.  I think we are going to have a cold wet autumn here.  Once again this week I was really hit or miss with working out, so I am doing week 1 of TBL 30-Day Junpstart again!   Also eating wise, I could have done better.  There was one day I was just starving and I didn't get to eat anything until about 10:00am and I grabbed Burger King for breakfast.  It was quick but it was not very good.  I did stay off the Diet Coke all week- but water is getting really boring and I don't like it with lemon.  I did have some VitaminWater and I liked that pretty much but I try to to drink very much of it.  So this week I came in at xx5 (I actually weighed in yesterday).  So -2 overall, at least it's not going up!

Off now to take some Vitamin D!  How was your week?


  1. Long story short, the last 2 years has been a rollercoaster ride for me. Major injury to foot which put an end to my runniing - (I ran 1/2 marathon every couple months) Eventually had to have foot surgery and then 6 weeks later had a shoulder surgery. It took a HuGe emotional toll as well as physical toll on me. I gained close to 30 pounds and I'm just starting to get my head back in the game. When I started my REAL food journey, I did it for "getting healthy" reasons, but hoping that weight loss may come with it. I lost 13 pounds very quickly, but then nothing more. Slowly, I'm incorporating biking into my day as the foot can tolerate it, so I'm hoping that will jumpstart some weight loss. It's tough though!! The important thing is: Keep going! Get healthy first - the weight will take care if itself! Thanks Jan! Really enjoy checking in on your blog.

  2. Good job on the -2lbs. I thought that giving myself a "free" day (ie: Sunday) and eating white bread, hash browns and homemade pies wouldn't cause my weight to go up. Duh, it did. So I'm up 2+ over my maintenance weight. Bummer. But I did see a downward slide today from Monday when I weighed.

  3. I eat breakfast right away in the morning now. I didn't used to but then someone explained to me that my body is like a car and the food is the gas. When you think of it that way it makes sense!

    Laura Coon